Smilove & Rosenblum

DMV Violations

The fines on old traffic tickets can add up to thousands of dollars in some situations. Our attorneys may be able to work with the hearing officer to get your fines reduced, to combine multiple violations into a single offense, or to work out payment plans that can avoid collections and garnishment — all while helping you get your license back if it’s already been suspended.

Traffic Violation Charges in Los Angeles

We advise and represent drivers who have outstanding fines on such serious traffic violations as:

Reckless driving
Speeding or excess speeding
Driving without insurance
Driving without a license
Driving while license is suspended
Hit-and-run, vehicular assault, vehicular homicide and other traffic accident cases
We represent drivers of all kinds in the traffic courts of Southern California. We also advise drivers with commercial licenses who need help with violations ranging from speeding to DUI.