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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are an area of the law with which we are particularly experienced especially if the accident involved a motor vehicle. Our bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles are also very experienced with cases in which the vehicle operator fled the scene of the crash. Victims of hit-and-run accidents are well advised to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help uncover all sources of compensation. No matter the particulars of your case, our bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles are prepared to seek out all sources of compensation.
Road conditions, construction, road signs, faulty bike parts and other factors may influence sources of compensation needed for medical expenses. Avid cyclists, Los Angeles college students, bike messengers, and so many other people throughout Southern California have suffered injuries. When a cyclist has their safety compromised, we make sure responsible parties are held accountable.

Our in-depth experience in all aspects of bicycle accidents has given us an understanding of issues such as:

Liability in the event that potholes and other road defect or maintenance issues contributed to a bicycle injury.
Dog attacks on bicyclists.
Slippery conditions on beach bike paths.
Insurance coverage that may apply, possibly including homeowner’s insurance.
Legal procedures that become necessary when an injured bicyclist is physically incapacitated and faces short to long term partial or total disability: powers of attorney, guardianships, special needs trusts, and interaction with creditors.
Legal complexities arising from uninsured or under-insured drivers involved in bike crashes